ZONNEE always tirelessly pursue the technical innovation and develop the products, to meet the requirement of target market. In now days, not every place full of the electricity and enough power to support basic lives, also not every place environment same as the lab DATA. It force us have to get known of the market info firstly, then as we satisfy the requirement target market, we will finally be the right one.


  • Battery IP65 waterproof technic will make our batteries products work in very wet environment or even immersed into water, but still work well without power leakage and short circuit, also water will keep the good temperature for battery working performace.
  • High temperature battery technical will make battery products can meet extreme high temperature drying of the working environment, we have develop some of our products developing in this technical. 
  • High discharge rate to make battery can be release energy in very short time, as voltage nearly costantly, then that means the battery can be discharge at a high current.

solar panel:

  • ZONNEE actively connected with the Hanergy to establish close cooperation. As the thin-film solar panel power generation technology be supported, then more better service could be supported to our market.

solar kit:

  • There still have some place what they need is just have a light at night, but lagging economy make them do not need solar system power higher than 50w, so our small kit with 30w, 20w, 10w, and even 4w full system to satisfy their requirement.