battery outdoor installation

Outdoor temperature is high, large temperature difference, the battery outdoor life is short, suggest use Outdoor air-conditioning battery cabinet .

(1) outdoor air-conditioning battery cabinetApplicable objects

Model CPA-300
Rated voltage AC~,220V / 50Hz
Rated power L35-L35 300 W
L35-L50 50 W
Out shape dimensions 703.2 mm
323.2 mm
112.5 mm
Rated current L35-L35 1.3 A
L35-L50 1.6 A
Temperature area Internal temperature setting range +20~+40℃
  Internal temperature setting range 60℃
Noise level 60 dB(A)
Airflow Internal circulation 150 m3/h
150 m3/h 25 kg
Cooling medium R134a(140g

Outdoor air-conditioning battery cabinetInternal structure

(3) outdoor air-conditioning battery cabinetTechnical Parameters
Battery compartment:    
Inside the battery cabinet, each side is equipped with 20mm thick polyurethane insulation layer, the internal net size of each available space: 558mm (W) × 552 (D) × 368 (H), the maximum size of the battery can be placed 125mm (width) × 551 (depth) × 320 (high), placed the maximum number of 8 batteries. Available Leoch front terminal 12V150AH and the following capacity of 8 batteries.
Insulation material:    
Foam polyurethane, density greater than> 38KG / m3, thermal conductivity is less than 0.022W / mK
Emergency fan parameters:
    Rated voltage 48V, rated current 0.2A, rated power 9.6W, air flow 200m3 / h
Air conditioning parameters:    Mainly by the compressor, evaporator, condenser, thermostat, fans and other components
Model Rated power
Available cooling power(W) Energy efficiency ratio Maximum external temperature (℃) Noise level
IP level Dimensions
High * wide * deep
L35-L50 L35-L35 L35-L35 L35-L50
CPA-300 240 270 300 220 20 50 55 inside5× 856×386×157 7.5
outside34 outside34