Home solar power system

Home solar power system (including wind-light complementary power supply system)
System), Refers to the off-grid (away from the grid) of the photovoltaic power system
From the square of solar cells, battery, controller,
DC / AC inverter, circuit protection and electrical components. wind
- Optical complementary power systems also include wind turbines and wind generators
Motor controller and other components.

According to the different types of power supply and the way, home solar photovoltaic power system is divided into photovoltaic power supply system and wind - light complementary power supply system two, the former can be divided into two types of DC and AC systems.
 The battery pack may consist of one or more battery strings / parallel connections, but the number of batteries in parallel should not exceed four. Suitable for household solar photovoltaic power system using the type of batteries including deep cycle lead-acid batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, ordinary open lead-acid batteries and alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries.deep cycle series is first choice.

    The minimum capacity of the battery should be based on local continuous rainy day design. The design discharge depth (DOD) of the deep cycle lead-acid battery is 80%, and the design discharge depth (DOD) of the shallow cycle lead-acid battery is 50%.

     The interconnections between the batteries shall be made of copper plated lead strips or copper strips. The battery must provide a pole for bolting. The battery terminal should be coated with anti-rust oil or anti-rust paste to reduce the corrosion of the electrode. Positive and negative polarity of the battery should be clearly marked, the life of the logo should not be less than the battery life.

     The battery can be charged with liquid, or it can be dry charged. If it is dry charged, filling all the chemicals, electrolytes and the initial charge must meet the technical parameters of the battery requirements.

     Sealed lead-acid batteries at an altitude of 2500m above the conditions of use must be recognized by the battery manufacturer.