Battery buried installation

Battery buried installation
communication standby power system;
wind, solar photovoltaic and wind and solar
complementary system;
Road lighting, landscape lighting, advertising lighting.
【Application Environment】
suitable for poor environment, sparsely populated areas;
Suitable for places with high ambient temperature;
Suitable for large temperature difference in the region, large temperature difference between summer and winter (summer 40 ℃ / winter -40 ℃), large temperature difference between day and night (white
Day 30 [deg.] C / night 0 [deg.] C)
【Application advantages】
low thermal sensitivity, for the environment temperature wide, heat-resistant ability to run out of control;
has a hidden, can play a role in anti-theft;
do not need to use air conditioning to adjust the temperature, long life, with energy saving, environmental protection, less investment;
【Application Disadvantages】
installation of large investment;
maintenance is not convenient;

Battery ground installation case