Solar off-grid system&Solar on-grid system

1. Solar energy storage battery
 No matter what kind of power supply, ,battery is necessary,At present, solar energy systems are used lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries can be divided into VRLA battery (referred to as lead-acid battery or AGM battery) and valve-regulated sealed gel battery (referred to as gel battery or GEL battery).
    Lead-acid batteries in the solar power system functions:
    Working in the solar power system battery, with a larger design capacity, is to ensure continuous supply of energy to the load energy storage device. In the sunlight, solar cells and batteries in parallel floating-work, because the solar cell has a higher output voltage, the error signal amplifier adjustment, so that pulse width control chip output pulse width increases, so that the battery charge current becomes larger , So the system output power in addition to the load to meet the power consumption, but also in time on the battery charge.
    If the battery charging voltage reaches the over-charge setting, the adjustment of the error signal discharger, so that pulse width control chip output pulse width narrowed, for reducing the battery charging current. In the dark or during the day and night when the rain is not strong light, by the battery-powered. In order to continuous rain less sunny days without interrupting the supply of electricity, usually the battery should be prepared for a few days and nights of capacity.
The installation of the battery is divided into up ground, ground, underground.

(1). Battery ground mounting (H rod)
communication standby power system;
 wind, solar photovoltaic and wind and solar complementary system;
Application Environment】
Suitable for outdoor H-bar;
Applicable to the environment temperature 0-35 ℃,
the temperature difference between day and small areas;
Application advantages】
installation easy to use, low cost;
easy to maintain;
with anti-theft effect..
Application Disadvantages】
short service life;
high requirements for ventilation and heat dissipation;

Battery ground (H rod) installation case