Solar energy storage

   Based on energy-saving environmental protection, many aspects of the current use of solar power systems. According to the type of power supply can be divided into pure solar power system, mixed with the city or oil power supply system, wind and solar hybrid system.
1). complete solar power system
   The solar power system is the only power supply system , Automatic control of the battery charge,supply the power at the same time, The solar controller with the intelligent control function.During the day while charging the battery, also load power supply, at night load power through the battery. The whole charge-discharge process under the automatic control.battery group capacity based on two conditions,loading power and backup time(also the rain day back up time)to calculate the battery group capacity.
   The solar energy controller is intelligent and digital , Unattended, Convenience and Saving.

2). Solar and electricity or solar and diesel hybrid power supply system
    The system compared to pure solar power system, plus a high-frequency switching power supply, when the rainy days over the design of the battery power supply time, the city can be used or mobile gas diesel generator battery charging and load power supply.
     When the battery is charged by mobile oil machine + high-frequency switching power supply module, the DC power distribution cabinet of the solar controller is reserved with the charging interface of the oil machine, so the charging module of the switching power supply can be directly connected to the charging. It should be noted that the charge current is not greater than the battery capacity of 3/10, the proposed 0.2CA, charging time is about 6 to 8 hours.

3). Wind - solar hybrid system
    The system compared to pure solar power system, plus a wind turbine, wind turbines regardless of time, as long as the wind may be able to power, saving the solar battery. Applicable to communications, network power supply.
     During the day by the solar cells and wind turbines power supply at night by the wind turbines and batteries.