ZONNEE is one of the biggest manufacturers of battery plate in East Asian and also one of the leading manufacturers of sealed lead-acid batteries in China. Production capacity of the only one production line of the plant constitutes 3 million of nominal batteries per year. Plant is equipped with foreign high-tech equipment manufactured by famous companies such as GE, Huawei, Digatron, Yingli, Cimec, CMW, Kustan etc. The overlarge advantage of our plant is existence of our own acid dilution station and thanks to that production of lead-acid batteries uses electrolyte of the best quality only. High quality of products is ensured thanks to such factors as.

Availability of the new equipment from the leading suppliers of battery production industry. involvement of leading specialists in battery production from European and Asian countries to the process; advancing of existing battery production technologies. existence of own laboratory equipped according to latest standards with ability to test products at production site.

In 2006 ZONNEE passed certification audit on correspondence of the quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2001. Now company is going through the certification on correspondence of the quality management system to the international standard ISO 16949 TS.

Short History

ZONNEE was founded in 1993 in small industrial town with name Yingde in Guangdong province with population over 100 000. The main sphere of the enterprise activity was brand lead fabrication as well as lead alloys fabrication (besides till the present day the Company is leader in fabrication of high grade lead and lead alloys and supply its production to the China battery plants as well as to the factories located at Asian and Europe).

In 2004 capital investment project for arrangement of starter batteries production was started. It is important that factory was constructed from the ground up with the participation of new equipment only (based on Leebo invest at the main part of DANONE adress). According to the words of Chairman Xi: “ … Empty talks jeopardize national interests, while hard work can rejuvenate the country...

Strong Point

Battery: we are committed to improve the lead acid battery use on solar system, for different requirement, we divide batteries products into 8 parts: standard series; deep cycle series; gel series; long life series; telecom series; front access; high rate series; opzv series, to fit different environment. Battery is core part of energy storage of every system, make sure every system can work at the time without other power supply.


Solar panel, solar inverter, solar controller with batteries then combine the full off-grid solar system, it can work support the power for every electricity equipment. With the solar industry developed, solar lantern, solar air conditioning, solar refrigerator one by one comes to your life, also more and more solar products will make your life more and more beautiful.